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Artist:   Sleepyhead  
Source:  ART OF COMMUNITY Newsletter
Takeru, former frontman of the visual kei band SuG announced the start of his solo project “sleepyhead.” SuG closed the curtain after 10 years with their last live performance at the Nippon Budokan on September 2nd, 2017,

News had become quiet around him after the disbanding of SuG, but on his Twitter Takeru drew attention by tweeting a photo of a waxing moon and “13040820 SEC HELL“ everyday. This was in fact a countdown corresponding to the actual moon cycle, the numbers representing the number of seconds from their show at the Budokan until the start of his solo project. Also, the countdown ended on the night of the “Super Blue Blood Moon.” Corresponding with this phenomenon on January 31st at 10:27pm Takeru announced the start of his solo project “sleepyhead” and its first live concert “Tomei Shingetsu” (“Transparent New Moon”) at Shibuya’s TSUTAYA O-EAT in Tokyo on March 17th.
Furthermore, the music video of his new song “Yamikumo” (“Cloud of Darkness”) was finally released and Takeru is looking forward to what the future will bring.

During his time with SuG, the band was active globally. In addition to Asia (namely Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China) they held a European tour and a concert in Mexico, but sleepyhead also announced its intention to be active around the world. A Facebook page targeting overseas fans was established and the preparations for advancing worldwide are ongoing.

Takeru commented, “I experienced a taste of hell for 13040820 seconds. I don’t have a clear goal or answers and I’m unprepared, but I decided to step into the fog. I challenged myself to not join any label or management company for now, but to start completely on my own. There are many trials I have yet to face, but the concerts where I can meet you all will be worth it.”

Check out the PV for his new song "Yamikumo":

Stay tuned here, for more news regarding Takeru's solo project and upcoming activities.
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Date: 2018.02.13
Artist:   BRATS  
Japanese girls rock band BRATS has released the music video for their new song “Kimarigoto”. Shot at remote locations including the Yamba Dam construction site and the abandoned Taishi station in Gunma prefecture, “Kimarigoto” features a new studio recording of the song previewed in last year’s “Ainikoiyo/Nounai Shoukyo Game” release.

BRATS teased the new video release on their social media accounts with #BratsIsBack, following vocalist Rei Kuromiya’s unexpected break from recording and performing last October due to throat issues.

Rei (vocals): “This is the third music video we’ve created together as the new BRATS. It was really a challenge, and the lyrics are important to all of us right now at this current stage. If we’re not careful, we might all end up living through the same moment again and again in life, so we hope this song gives you power to be yourself and move forward. That’s really what we’re about now.”

Aya (bass): “I was probably the most excited out of all of us to complete this music video, since we haven’t made one in such a long time. I’m really happy our fans can finally see it. We put little messages in the details and a lot of thought into the color and speed of each shot. Please check it out.”

Hinako (guitar): “We talked a lot about how to make this video. I’m really happy with it. It’s a heavy rock song, but we wanted to add powerful performances and cinematography to it so everyone could feel the song’s power the same way we feel it. As the new reborn BRATS, we’re all moving together into the future one step at a time, so a song like ‘Kimarigoto’ charges us with energy to make to the next step. We hope you feel that energy, too.”

Please check out the PV for "Kimarigato"

BRATS has also announced the return of their previously-scheduled concert events which were postponed last year.

BRATS Free Live “Will 2″
Venue: Osaka GANZ toi,toi,toi
Free live concert via ticket lottery

Special event “VERSUS” presented by BRATS
Venue: Shibuya TAKEOFF 7

Please like BRATS' offcial facebook page
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Artist:   A9  
Source:  With the help of VKH press and twitter
We have received word about the escalating matter regarding identity theft of A9 members on social media, and things are really getting out of hand.

Just a few days ago Show[Vocalist of A9 tweeted from his verified twitter account: "The identity theft a9_shou has continuously harassed my fans, and I wish to have my real account, show_a9dw unfrozen with an official badge. Instagram, I pray that you take action against this ongoing issue."

the tweet can be seen Here

A9 staff have also released a statement following a list of the social media that A9 members do use. Stating that the absolutely do not have individual LINE ID's nor do they solicit money from individual fans:

"Thank you for always supporting A9. We'd like to take a moment to talk about social media (social networking sites) the members are involved in.

Only the sites listed here (the band's website) are official. There are, however, third party sites, made up by individuals who say 'this is a secret, this is my private account,' but they have no such thing. They absolutely do not have private LINE IDs.

There have been reports that these accounts have asked for money. The members of A9 would never do such a thing; and we urge you not to follow such sites/accounts as there's a possibility of getting caught up in criminal activity.
In addition to this, we cannot assume responsibility for any trouble caused by these matters.

Thanks for your consideration/continued support,
A9 Staff"

Tweet linking to this staff statement can be found here

Here are the links to the fake accounts:




These accounts have even gone as far as cursing, threatening and offering fake proof to fans in claims that the accounts are real, but they are just private. You will find the screen shots here, here and here
*thanks to VKH press and @VelesseinRose for providing the screenshots*

Listed below are the member's real/known social media accounts. Show and Tora's instagram accounts have been frozen so they are not available:

■ 将 / SHOW
Instagram→ (Frozen)

■ ヒロト / HIROTO

■ 虎 / TORA
Instagram→ (Frozen)

■ 沙我 /SAGA

■ Nao

Thank you to VKH press for sharing details of this information with us. We at Nippon Project stand by you you in support and in truth. Please share all the information you can with fellow fans using the twitter hashtag #ShownotShou and if you have any LINE accounts added claiming to be A9 members, do not send them any money and remove them immediately.

In hopes this terrible situation is resolved soon for the members.

Author: candyfields
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