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Artist:   Miyavi  
Source:  Universal Music Newsletter
Miyavi's ALL TIME BEST "DAY 2" will release on April 5, 2017. New song, "Live to Die Another Day" will be featured on the movie, "Mugen no Juunin" starring Takuya Kimura.

Release Details
~Limited Edition (2CD+DVD) *special packaging with sleeve case
Retail Price: 7,800JPY(excl. tax)
UPC: 00602557432176
[2CD] DISC 1 (20 tracks including 5 re-recorded songs and a new song) / DISC 2 (13 tracks) = 33 TRACKS IN TOTAL
[DVD] MIYAVI Japan Tour 2016 "NEW BEAT, NEW FUTURE" Tour Final @ Makuhari Messe LIVEfootage (aprox. 90min)
[Special Booklet]
-newly shot photos
-collection of behind-the-scene photos from MIYAVI Japan Tour 2016 "NEW BEAT, NEW FUTURE"

DISC 1 -DAY 1-
(01) What's My Name? - Day2 mix (re-recorded)
(02) Universe - Day2 mix (re-recorded)
(03) Ahead Of The Light - Day2 mix (re-recorded)
(04) What A Wonderful World - Day2 Mix (re-recorded)
(05) Guard You- Day2 mix (re-recorded)
(06) Live to Die Another Day (New song) (Theme song for the movie 'Mugen no Juunin'
(07) What's My Name?
(08) Survive
(09) Torture
(10) Strong
(11) Day 1
(12) Ahead Of The Light
(13) Horizon
(14) Secret
(15) Real?
(16) Let Go
(17) The Others
(18) Afraid To Be Cool
(19) Fire Bird
(20) Long Nights

DISC 2 -DAY 0-
(1) Rock No Gyakusyuu Superstar No Zyouken
(2) Freedom Fighters
(3) Wedding March With Band Ver.
(4) Senor Senora Senorita
(5) Itoshii Hito (Beta De Suman.)-2006 ver.-
(6) Dear My Friend -Tegami Wo Kakuyo--
(7) Kimi Ni Negai Wo
(8) We Love You
(9) Selfish Love -Aishitekure,Aishiterukara-
(10) Sakihokoru Hana No Youni -Neo Visyualism-
(11) Subarashikikana, Kono Sekai -What A Wonderful Word-
(12) Hi No Hikarisae Todokanai Kono Basyo De feat. SUGIZO
(13) Girls, be ambitious.(previously released from Indies label)

~Standard Edition (CD)
Retail Price: 2,500JPY (excl. tax) 
[CD] same as DISC 1 of Limited Edition =20 tracks in total

~Digital (worldwide/All BPs)
Standard Edition plus "Mission: Impossible Theme" (as a bundle bonus)
Author: candyfields
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Visual kei merch store Chaotic Harmony Imports is now offering pre-orders for Lolita23q's latest single, "Joker Game." The single comes in a set which features a signed cheki from a member of the customer's choice, personalized with their name.

This special set is available for $16 and ships world-wide. Pre-orders will close on the release date, which is March 22, 2017.

"Joker Game" will feature 3 songs, although the tracks have yet to be announced.

Joker Game can be purchased here.

Author: ladycaos
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Artist:   VAMPS  
VAMPS announced that their new single "CALLING" will be released on March 22nd, 2017.


First press limited edition
Price: ¥ 1,800 (¥ 1,944 tax included)
Product code: UICV-9235

M2. Cover song

Regular Edition
Price: ¥ 1,000 (¥ 1,080 tax included)
Product code: UICV-5060

M2. Cover song

More details, including benefits for early pre-orders, will be announced at a later date.
Author: Stefania
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Artist:   CroiX  
Source:  CroiX newsletter
Up and coming band CroiX will be releasing two mini album through Gan-shin Records all over Europe.

The albums will be release and available on Amazon, Spotify and iTunes. {their songs on Spotify and iTunes can be purchased outside of Europe}




Here are the Album Tracklists:

1st Album 『Ray』

1.The Beautiful Ray Is
2.Queer Queen's March
6.Fuuka Kaoru Yukizuki No Hi Ni

2nd Album 『Alea iacta est』

2.Subliminal (Stage 1)
3.Schroedinger No Neko
4.Mora in the Blue

Check out their PV 'Subliminal -stage 1-' here:

Author: candyfields
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Artist:   BRATS   LADYBABY  
Source:  Press release
16-Year-Old Rei Kuromiya (Labybaby/The Idol Formerly Known As) has teamed with older siter for a girls rock group!

Japanese girls band BRATS have released a scorching new music video for their theme song "Ainikoiyo" from the television anime To Be Hero.

Showcasing the powerhouse combination of sisters Rei Kuromiya (vocals) and Aya Kuromiya (bass), the high-energy song moves BRATS into a rock-influenced style that's also hinted at in the preview of their song "Nounai Shoukyo Game" ("Brain Erase Game") in the upcoming Japanese film Slaveman.

BRATS have also created a new official Facebook page — — to update fans on their upcoming activities in 2017.

Author: ladycaos
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Artist:   X Japan  
Source:  Press release
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced X Japan's "La Venus" as one of the songs in contention for a nomination for this year's "Best Original Song" at the 89th Academy Awards.

YOSHIKI -- songwriter, drummer, classically-trained pianist and the creative force of X Japan -- wrote "La Venus" for We Are X, the critically acclaimed music documentary on the iconic Japanese rock group X Japan. The nominations for the 89th Oscars will be announced Tuesday, January 24, 2017. The Oscars will take place Sunday, February 26, 2017 at the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood and will be televised live on the ABC Television Network at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT.

"La Venus" single will be released via Sony Legacy Recordings and available everywhere in early 2017.

"Sony Music Entertainment's Legacy Recordings is thrilled to be releasing the new single, 'La Venus' from X Japan's feature documentary, We Are X," says Adam Block, President of Sony Legacy Recordings. "It's a beautiful, powerful track from a stunning film that we hope will be considered for a nomination for best song from a feature film at this year's Academy Awards."

Watch as YOSHIKI describes "La Venus" and its role in the film We Are X here below

We Are X is a transcendent and beautifully shot rock & roll story about the Japanese rock band X Japan, one of the biggest rock bands in the world. X Japan has sold over 30 million singles and albums combined--captivating such a wide range of admirers as Sir George Martin, KISS, Stan Lee, and the Japanese Emperor--while pioneering a spectacle-driven style of visual rock called Visual Kei, a one-of-a-kind cultural phenomenon. Directed by acclaimed documentarian Stephen Kijak (Stones in Exile, Scott Walker: 30 Century Man), and produced by the Oscar-winning production team behind Searching for Sugar Man, We Are X is an astonishingly intimate portrait of a deeply haunted--but truly unstoppable--virtuoso and the music that has enthralled legions of the world's most devoted fans. The film continues to expand nationally in new cities every week; see the current list of playdates
Author: ladycaos
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L'Arc~en~Ciel LIVE 2015 L'ArCASINO will be released in Blu-ray and DVD on March 1, 2017!
The 2-day live was held on September 21st and 22nd, 2015, at Osaka Yumeshima.

Here are the editions available.


[Complete Limited Edition]
KSXL 196-202
BD + 2 CD + 3 Vinyl Record + 7 L'ArCHIP
25,000 yen
* Special package limited to 10,000 sets!
* Band's first-ever live recording on triple vinyl
* Includes 7 L'ArCHIPs
* Win at poker to enter to win limited-edition merchandise! (Details TBA)
[BD] L'Arc-en-Ciel LIVE 2015 L'ArCASINO
[2 CD] L'Arc-en-Ciel LIVE 2015 L'ArCASINO
[3 Vinyl] L'Arc-en-Ciel LIVE 2015 L'ArCASINO

[Limited First Pressing]
KSXL 203-205
BD + 2CD 12,600 yen
[BD] L'Arc-en-Ciel LIVE 2015 L'ArCASINO
[2 CD] L'Arc-en-Ciel LIVE 2015 L'ArCASINO

[Regular Edition]
KSXL 206
BD 8,800 yen
[BD] L'Arc-en-Ciel LIVE 2015 L'ArCASINO


[Regular Edition]
KSBL 6235-6236 2 DVD: 7,600 yen
[DVD] L'Arc-en-Ciel LIVE 2015 L'ArCASINO
Author: Stefania
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Date: 2016.12.02
Artist:   Sebastiano Serafini  
Source:  Press release
Sebastiano Serafini recently released an album

The title is [aeon] and the setlist is as follows:

1. Higher
2. Eclipse
3. Escape to infinity
4. Trust the light
5. Time for a better world
6. Your knight
7. Don't Say

While some of the songs had previously been released in English, the Japanese versions are mostly a complete novelty for his fans!

You can also watch a teaser here below:

You can buy the album on

Author: ladycaos
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Date: 2016.12.02
Artist:   URBANGARDE  
Source:  Press release
November 27, 2016 -- Japanese trauma techno rock group URBANGARDE has revealed the details of their new single, “Akumade Akuma”, the band’s first non-album music release in over four years.
Band leader Temma Matsunaga declared the mission of the new song, which will be released at the beginning of the year.

“This is URBANGARDE. We’re releasing a single after 4 and half years.
Surprisingly, during the last few years that we didn’t release any singles, humankind has gone extinct.
The era of social media has dissociated human lives and divided them into angels (tenshi) and devils (akuma)…
To those of you who used to be human, to those who live insecure days like ghosts,
We will show your true shape through music.
You are devils to the very end.”

Earlier this year, URBANGARDE collaborated with popular Japanese photographer Yuki Aoyama to produce a special collection of photos and poems titled “Schoolgirl Trauma”. The band also released the limited-edition, live show-only CD titled Showa 91, the music video "Femme Fata Fantasy", and the theme song “Kiss Me Kirei Me” for the NHK program “Let’s Tensai Terebi-kun”.

URBANGARDE's striking new promotion image for “Akumade Akuma” was shot during their photo sessions for this year’s “URBANGARDExTRMN” photo book, which captured the band members in gorgeous, colorful costumes and androgynous makeup. The single, due for release January 4, 2017, will come with a variety of bonuses at local Japanese retailers, including:

Tower Records bonus:
DVD “Gasmask Party”
Complete video of the 60-min-long “Gasmask Party”, a frantic live show from last December’s Showa 90 tour where all performers and audience had to wear gas masks.

Village Vanguard bonus:
Reading CD “School Girl Trauma”
Live CD of the reading performance of the poetry photo book “School Girl Trauma” (released this summer) at Asagaya LOFT-A.


Akumade Akuma
Rel. 1/4/2017

Regular Edition
1. Akumade Akuma
2. Tenshi ni Shiyagare
3. Akumade Akuma (Instrumental)
4. Tenshi ni Shiyagare (Instrumental)

Limited Edition
1. Akumade Akuma
2. Tenshi ni Shiyagare

1. Akumade Akuma (Music Video)
2. Akumade Akuma (Dance Video)
3. Femme Fata Fantasy (Music Video)
4. Live Performance from Utsu Fes @ TSUTAYA O-EAST
- Onepiece Shinjuu
- Kuchibiru Democracy
- Femme Fata Fantasy
- Shinjuku Mon Amour
- Hako Otoko ni Kike
- Daihakai Koukyougaku / Tokai no Alice
- Yameru Idol
Author: ladycaos
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Date: 2016.12.02
Artist:   BRADIO  
Source:  Press release
Japan’s funkiest band is back with the release of their 5th single, “Back To The Funk.” This new single is set to be released on November 11, 2016 and is live venue limited.

Track Listing:

M-1 Back To The Funk
M-2 Yume Miru Energy
M-3 Back To The Funk (Hidden AFRO ver.)
M-4 Yume Miru Energy (Hidden AFRO ver.)

While this single is only sold in Japan, fans of Bradio can however enjoy the music video for “Back To The Funk” in its entirety from anywhere.

Watch on YouTube:
Author: ladycaos
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Date: 2016.11.21
Source:  Press Release
Here the MV, walking through the night:

Japanese superstar HOTEI has just released the video for his new single ‘Walking Through The Night’, which features the iconic Iggy Pop on vocals.

The video follows a man’s nocturnal journey through the seedy back streets of Tokyo, lured by the bright lights of temptation. Stunningly filmed and featuring shots of Iggy Pop and footage of Hotei, the video is a gloriously evocative taste of Hotei’s homeland that chimes with the snarling lyrics.

Iggy explains his inspiration for the track; “I tried to put myself on a late night brightly lit Shinjuku street, feeling alone, sexually vulnerable and a little bit angry… a little bit horny…” You can see Iggy discussing working with Hotei in an exclusive interview clip here.

The track is taken from the album Strangers, which was released last year through Spinefarm Records and is Hotei’s first international release. The album features an array of guests including Emigrate/Rammstein’s Richard Z. Kruspe, Bullet For My Valentine’s Matt Tuck, Noko from UK electronic band pioneers Apollo 440, and acclaimed Texan.

singer Shea Seger, alongside the godfather of punk, Iggy Pop.

‘Walking Through The Night’ also features long-time live fan favourite ‘Power’ as the B-Side to the release. Only recently recorded for the first time in the studio, ‘Power’ also comes with an accompanying video of him performing the song to a sold-out crowd of 10,000 people at the Yoyogi Gymnasium, Tokyo.


2016 also marks Hotei’s 35th anniversary in music and to celebrate this milestone, Hotei has been touring Japan extensively including over 50 live dates ranging from intimate club shows, to a free open-air concert in his hometown in front of 25,000 fans and will be ending the year with his 31st performance at the Budokan in Tokyo on December 30th, with a very special fan request show.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Hotei has been focusing on his international career and this year sold-out his first-ever LA show at the legendary Troubador, and the Highline Ballroom in New York. He also guested on Italian rock star Zucchero’s latest album and performed with him recently in Verona and at the Royal Albert Hall.

Heralded by Time Out as “iconic”, and a genuine superstar in his native Japan where he has sold more than 40 million records, Hotei is best known internationally for his Kill Bill theme ‘Battle Without Honor or Humanity’ and is sought-after as a collaborator both in the studio and on stage.
Author: mai62
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Date: 2016.11.21
Artist:   ARSMAGNA  
Source:  Press Release
ARS JOUJOU will be released on 14th december.

1. Be-Bop Summer Baby
2. Enjou Dancing
3. Samba De Wasshoi!
4. Love Matadoll
5. Shimaomou
6. Eve No Soup
7. Marshmallow
8. Just
9. Kibun Joujou
10. Ever Yell
11. Mirai Tsunagu

Author: mai62
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The new L'Arc~en~Ciel's single, "Don't be Afraid", will be released on December 21.

Here are the first details of the three editions available for purchase.

New Single「Don't be Afraid」
2016.12.21 OUT!

Words: hyde Music: tetsuya

【Limited Edition BIOHAZARD® × L'Arc-en-Ciel】
(CD + BD) KSCL 2900-2902 ¥ 4,600 + tax (¥ 4,968 tax in)
■ Lenticular jacket - Human × Zombie-

【First Press Limited Edition】
(CD + BD) KSCL 2903-2904 ¥ 1,944 + tax (¥ 2,100 tax in)

【Normal Edition】
(CD) KSCL 2905 ¥ 1,296 + tax (¥ 1,400 tax in)
Author: Stefania
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Date: 2016.10.23
Artist:   PassCode  
Source:  Press Release
PassCode is going to realease his new single MISS UNLIMITEDOn October 26th . It's the firstsingle under Universal Music for the girls.

-simple edition:
2. Cry Out

-limited edition only):

PassCode VIRTUAL TOUR 2016 in Zepp DiverCity Tokyo
Author: mai62
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VAMPS announced that their video collection, called "HISTORY - The Complete Video Collection 2008-2014", will be released in Blu-ray and DVD on December 14, 2016.

Here are the four editions you can buy and the content.

● Limited Edition A (Blu-ray)
¥ 7,000 (without tax) / ¥ 7,560 (with tax)
Contents: 17 music videos + bonus video

● Limited Edition B (DVD + Photobook)
¥ 6,500 (without tax) / ¥ 7,020 (with tax)
Contents: 17 music videos + Photobook 60P

● Limited Edition clutch bag package (Blu-ray + Goods)
¥ 13,000 (without tax) / ¥ 14,040 (with tax)
Contents: 17 music videos + bonus video + Goods
Goods: clutch bag, knit hat, 2017 desk calendar

● Regular Edition (DVD Only)
¥ 4,500 (without tax) / ¥ 4,860 (with tax)
Contents: 17 music videos

[Music videos included]

[Bonus video]
● "Making of" of the following videos with commentary
● THE JOLLY ROGER Live Music Video
Author: Stefania
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