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Formed in 2011. MC and electro rap unit according to the time or the DJ Gonchi.
YOUTUBE Post the video called the topic to, to debut at the July 10, 2013 "aye syndrome". Someday of MC, usually goods manufacturer of office, Gonchi of DJ is I usually have the affairs of the precision equipment maker. Skill full of someday of electro sound that is not away from the once heard Once ear and flow, melody and has created a genre ever. Convening of the film director-radish Hitoshi sponsored live events of "Motekinaitsu Vol.2", with the ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL and also popular in large festivals such as BAYCAMP, debut won the CD shop Award 2014 Kanto block Award, also, LOUIS VUITTON and he appeared in only hologram live as a Japanese artist in the exhibition reception party entitled special exhibition organizers. Despite the pop visual, and cast a stone to ingenious skillfully utilizing the fiscal leeway generations Lyric with poison words. July 8, 2015, Warner Music, major debut from Atlantic Japan.

-10/07/2013: Aye-aye syndrome
-31/01/2014: Chankoi
-28/02: Happy turn
-04/06: DIStopping
-06/08: Mummy killer (TEMPURA KIDZ vs Charisma.com)
-12/02/2015: Young pointed
-15/04: Kongara Girl
-08/07: OLest
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