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Seran Mizorogi et Momoka Kodakari vont quittées Cheeky Parade.
Date: 2017.05.25
Artiste:   Cheeky Parade  
source:  http://www.cheekyparade.jp/news/detail.php?id=1049368
L'annonce a été faite le 19 mai et la date de leur dernier concert se passera le 9 juin au Shibuya WOMB lors du Cheeky Parade LIVE LIVE LIVE VOL5.

Voici leur réponse à ce sujet en anglais:
-Momoka Kodakari:
I am truly sorry for the suddenness of this announcement. I am also very sorry for making you feel sad. I thought about a lot of things when Marin and Mariya went to study abroad. After having many discussions with the members and staff, I was able to select my own path. I think that there are a lot of people thinking things like, “Why now?” or “What kind of timing is this?”. I think this is a selfish decision. I am very sorry. I was only able to come this far thanks to everyone. Thank you for loving someone like me who was unskilled and failed so many times. I will never forget these past 5 years as long as I live. Thank you for supporting me all this time.

-Seran Mizorogi:
Thank you to everyone who has always supported Cheeky Parade. I think everyone is really surprised by this announcement. I also think that there are many people who will not agree with this decision. I reached this decision in my own way after talking things over a lot with the other members, the staff, and my family. I have nothing but feelings of gratitude to everyone. I am truly sorry that it ended up being this result. The experience I had in Cheeky Parade, everyone who supported me, the members, everyone is big and important and I will never forget you all. Thank you for everything up until now. Please continue to support Cheeky Parade.

Le groupe continuera à 5 en attendant le retour de Marin et Mariya après leurs études aux USA.
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